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  • Visit of »Chor der Begegnung« from Vienna (18 pictures)
    Galerie Visit of »Chor der Begegnung« from Vienna anzeigen 16.11.2019: Concert together with »Chor der Begegnung« (Vienna) in the Auferstehungskirche in Innsbruck.

  • »Euregio-Fest« in Neumarkt (15 pictures)
    Galerie »Euregio-Fest« in Neumarkt anzeigen 21.09.2019: Performance in context of the »Euregio-Fest« in Neumarkt/Egna (South Tyrol).

  • Innsbruck singt für Markus Wilhelm (16 pictures)
    Galerie Innsbruck singt für Markus Wilhelm anzeigen 15.06.2019: Big charity for Markus Wilhelm at Treibhaus in Innsbruck.

  • Night of Churches 2019 (10 pictures)
    Galerie Night of Churches 2019 anzeigen 24.05.2019: CdV at Auferstehungskirche in Innsbruck.

  • Palliative Care Congress (4 pictures)
    Galerie Palliative Care Congress anzeigen 30.03.2019: 7th Austrian Interprofessional Palliative Care Congress in Innsbruck.

  • Trip to Vienna (38 pictures)
    Galerie Trip to Vienna anzeigen 30.11.-02.12.2018: The CdV makes a trip to Vienna and performs with the »Chor der Begegnung« in a church in Vienna's first district.

  • all inclusive!? (4 pictures)
    Galerie all inclusive!? anzeigen 13.10.2018: International Symposium on Inclusive Music and Dance Education at »Haus der Musik« in Innsbruck

  • General Assembly 2018 (15 pictures)
    Galerie General Assembly 2018 anzeigen 04.10.2018: After 7 years Maresi Benedik hands over the function of the chairperson to Johanna Hackl-Soldan.

  • Summer party in the Trappschlössl Refugee Camp (20 pictures)
    Galerie Summer party in the Trappschlössl Refugee Camp anzeigen 07.07.2018: For the third time CdV is partying with the residents of the refugee camp »Trappschlössl« in Innsbruck/Amras.

  • Senior citizens' home »Olympisches Dorf« (15 pictures)
    Galerie Senior citizens' home »Olympisches Dorf« anzeigen 07.07.2018: Performance in the senior citizens' home »O-Dorf«, where singer Hannah works as an Occupational Therapist.

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