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Here you find more details about the rehearsals.





green19x19 Projects of choir members

On this page, fields of activity and projects are listed in which individual choir members are involved.


black16x16  pcb  |  photos

Peter C. Berger is responsible for this website, and he documents the choir’s activities with photos and videos.

In his GALLERY you find what else he’s doing with his hobby photography.


black16x16  Social projects Sudan

Since 2007 Edith Kaslatter has been visiting Sudan and overlooks multiple social projects.


black16x16  Gitti Schneider

Gitti is a freelance artist since 1998.


black16x16  Puppet show »Zappelfetzn«

Brigitte Haslwanter is a professional puppeteer and has shows in all of German-speaking Europe.

On September 29, 2012 she made a charity performance for the choir in »Pfarrsaal St. Pirmin«, Innsbruck.


black16x16  Comedian Feminists

Andrea Runggatscher is a member of the »Comedian Feminists«, a group of snappy singers that have a small potpourri of reworded songs from the 1920s that pick up on political phenomena in a funny and ironic way.

After the rehearsal on November 24, 2016, the Comedian Feminists gave a charity concert for a woman from Kosovo.