Maresi Benedik, Bernadette Obererlacher, Tanja Kühn and Christa Püspök met in the training course »Fit für Vielfalt« / »Fit for Diversity«, offered in the „Haus der Begegnung“, Innsbruck. They did a project work together and developed the idea of an intercultural choir.

In January 2012, Maresi Benedik and Bernadette Obererlacher finally implemented this idea and established the »Chor der Vielfalt«. For many years both women are involved in migration and integration topics and they have great interest in social integration of migrants. Together with other committed people they still are the heart of the choir and their work is essential for the continuation of this project.

The singers of »Chor der Vielfalt« / »Choir of Diversity« are people with different backgrounds and origins. By singing together a sense of community develops all by itself – regardless of any cultural identities.

Bernhard Sieberer, our musical leader, is doing a great job bringing together our different musical experiences and qualifications. Through his great commitment he develops the very best out of every one of us and so we can guarantee high quality.

We are many!
We are colourful!
Colourful as life!
Diverse as life!
Choir of Diversity!

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